How to play Lightning Joker

Lightning Joker slot is a high quality retro fruit machine, loaded with three powerful bonus features that can send lucky sessions into overdrive. Here's a quick guide to playing Lightning Joker slot and optimising the game to your style.



Lightning Joker slot range of coin and bet levels to suit your risk and budget level. The coin size can be changed between €0.02 and €10 and is multiplied by five (paylines) to create your total bet size per spin (e.g. €0.02 x 5 = €0.10 spin). The slot always spins with five paylines activated across the 3X3 reelscape, so there's no need to worry about changing the active lines. Just select a coin size, check your bet – and click Spin.



The chances are you'll find instant satisfaction from the arcade slot style of Lightning Joker – but you can also pimp the game to your own style via the Settings tab (the Gear icon towards the left of the interface). The options include the chance to change the spin speed, sounds, effects and Autospin stop loss limit – while the Autospins themselves can be set to 10-1000 by clicking on the tab next to the Spin button on the main machine.



Lightning Joker slot contains eight symbols, with progressively higher value reward levels. All payouts are awarded as a multiple of the triggering bet (for landing three of the same symbols on one of the five paylines), with wins of Cherry x0.8, Lemon x1, Grapes x1.2, Melon x1.40, Bell x3, 7 icon x4, Star x5, and Wild x16.


On the minimum €0.10 bet, this means a base game win could range from €0.08 to €1.50, while on the max bet of €50, the wins could range from €40 to €800.


The RTP level of 96.3% and average base game hit rate of 17.6% support fair payouts, although as a fairly volatile slot, Lightning Joker is recommended for players who like their fair share of ups and downs, in the pursuit of hot runs.



Lightning Joker's three powerful bonuses are fast and loaded with the potential for random rewards:


RAPID SPIN: Activated by two reels full of the same symbol/wilds – causing an instant Rapid Respin.


MULTIPLIER STRIKE: Triggered by a full screen of the same symbol/wilds – the Multiplier Strike applies a x2, x3, x5 or x10 win multiplier to your combo.


MYSTERY WIN: Gained by spinning-in Joker variations, rewarding you with x2 to x10,000 your bet for two Jokers, x100 to x10,000 your bet for three Jokers, and x1000 to x10,000 your bet for three Jokers aligned on a payline.



Lightning Jokers is a fan game to play on the fly, or with consistent sessions. The first strategy of playing a random sessions now and then, is that thanks to the slot's volatility, you can find some hot sessions if your luck's in. The downside is that a random session might also run cold. Alternatively, you can try playing the game consistently with a good spin volume for a certain period of time – such as 20 sessions with 500 spins; this may help you balance the up and down runs, get good value and potentially hit some hot spin clusters that trigger then big bonuses. Whatever your strategy, you can use the Autospin limit and Autospin function to control your spent and always play safely.


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